How to Know If It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business.

Branding is the process of taking intentional actions to influence people’s perception of you or your business. The aim of these actions is to create a unique position in the marketplace that makes it easy for customers to find you. 

If you position your business in a particular way and find that, overtime, so many businesses have inserted themselves into that same position, then it’s time to rebrand. 

Rebranding here means taking intentional measures to create a new image or perception for your business. For instance, if you position your company to provide the highest quality service and discover that so many companies are able to provide the same level of quality, then it’s time to change that perception. 

This will involve observing the market and creating a position that only your business can occupy. You could find something that your company is better at, for instance, and capitalize on it to differentiate your business. You could also find a pressing need in the market that no one is paying attention to and occupy that space. 

When rebranding, you take measures to ensure that your position in the market, message, logo and entire visual Identity are clear and different from other similar companies. 

This is what we did with my IT company, Faciotech. I realized that there were many great software and web hosting companies out there providing the same level of quality as us. As a result, though we were hitting ten years, we still did not have control over the market. 

It was, therefore, important that we carved a niche for ourselves, one that will make us stand out from freelancers and other agencies.

Applying the concepts of indigenization and decolonization, which I borrowed from research studies, I identified a gap in the software development and design done for local businesses. 

Have you visited a local brand website and seen only images of white people? Have you ever felt like you do not identify with most of the branding done by local companies? That is exactly what we identified. 

The designs, websites, and software created for most local businesses do not speak to the culture of most target audiences. A Ghanaian Insurance or Real Estate firm with only “white people” images, from the word go, fails to communicate its message to its target audience.

Faciotech decided to rebrand to create cross-cultural designs that speak to people. One of the main goals of the rebranding was to create a process that would allow our website and application designs to work well across cultures and give users a wonderful experience.

We began with redesigning our logo to include the Kente patterns local to Ghana and the Maple leaf that is accustomed to Canada. Although I loved simple and plain logos, we agreed we needed a logo that reflected the new vision we would follow.


In line with the above, we have created several custom illustrations and background images with our unique cultural arts motifs integrated.

The use of these custom illustrations and backgrounds is, of course, optional but our clients can opt for these in any designs we do. Again, we adhere to the highest design standards in the industry.

Next on our roadmap is to work with local photographers to create local stock images that designers and developers can also rely on to create websites and apps.

Through all these activities, not only are we creating an exclusive position for ourselves in the marketplace, we are helping businesses create brands that their audience can easily connect to.

This way, when customers visit your website or app, they can see images and icons that are relatable. This will give them the sense of peace and trust needed for them to work with you. 

We are not just designing websites for your business, we are helping you attract more customers and grow. 

We want to be known as that company that helps businesses connect emotionally with their customers. Our brand name and perception are dependent on this. So you can be assured of getting the best when you work with us at Faciotech.

If you find your business hidden in the crowd and you yearn for a way to stand out, then it may be time for a rebrand.

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