Wedaaba Azupogo

Land Manager, Researcher, Software Developer, Business Development Expert and a Spiritrenuer.

Results-Driven Accomplishments

My name is Urbanus Wedaaba Azupogo and I am a seasoned business professional with a wealth of experience in consulting, empowering youth, and driving success in the real estate, technology, and research sectors.

Impact Projects

Making a difference through innovative solutions.


Finished works

Proven track record of delivering results-focused solutions.


Clients happy

Satisfied clients a testament to dedication and success.

My Skills

As an experienced professional with a diverse skillset, I am able to offer a unique combination of services to help drive success for my clients. With expertise in cartography, satellite image analysis, and geo-data management, I am able to provide cutting-edge solutions in the field of land management and property appraisal.

Additionally, I have a strong background in data analysis and web development, which allows me to offer valuable insights and create impactful digital solutions for my clients. I am also well-versed in software development, which allows me to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Furthermore, I possess great interpersonal skills, which allows me to work well in teams and execute projects effectively

I am a quick learner and an innovative thinker, and I am always willing to take on new challenges. My passion for digital publishing and blogging allows me to communicate complex ideas in a simple and relatable way. With my skills and experience, I am confident that I can help your business reach new heights.

Web Development 90%
Software Development 90%
Data Analysis 95%
Geo-Data Management 95%
Satellite Image Analysis 95%

Property appraisal

Land-use Planning

Land acquisition and sales

Impact assessments

My story

Urbanus Azupogo, academician-entrepreneur, blends land expertise with tech solutions & social impact. His knowledge spans BSc Land Management, MSc Land Governance, MSc Health Promotion, and a current Ph.D. Urbane Holdings, his brainchild, houses companies like Faciotech (IT) & Azunus Realty (consultancy). Initiatives like Business Connect empower startups. Committed to positive change, Urbanus seeks solutions for sustainable growth and development.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

By Urbanus W. Azupogo

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